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We Rely Not On Ourselves 1/12/2020

Pastor Josh begins our new sermon series on 2 Corinthians.

1. How does God comforts us in our affliction? How we can know this when we do not feel it?

2. Why can affliction and despair be the pathway to hope?

3. How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ change the way that we experience affliction and suffering?

4. In what areas of life are you relying on yourself when you should be relying on the “God who raises the dead”?

Christmas Eve

Pastor Josh preaches at our Christmas Eve Service

The Appearing of Our Great God and Savior 01/05/2020

Pastor Josh preaches on Titus 2:11-14.

1. Why is the claim that God himself has appeared so radical?

2. How does Jesus reveal God to us? What does he reveal?

3. What is the relationship between God’s grace and our renunciation of “ungodliness and worldly passions”?

4. What would it look like if we were a people who are “zealous for good works”? How can we live into that identity together here at Bellefield?

Technical Difficulties

We have had some technical difficulties with our recordings, we apologize for not having sermon podcasts for December, we are hoping to resolve this soon.

And of Peace There Will Be No End 12/8/19

Pastor Josh preaches on “Peace” usingĀ Isaiah 9:2-7.


1. Why do we experience strife in our relationships with God and with one another?

2. Why are our attempts to bring peace going to inevitably fall short?

3. How is it that Jesus Christ brings us peace with God? With one another?

4. What would it look like for you to live in the peace that Jesus Christ provides while looking ahead to the permanent peace he will establish?

The Love of God Was Made Manifest Among Us 12/1/19

Pastor Josh preaches on “Love” using 1 John 4:7-12

1. What is unique and distinct about God’s love for us? How is God’s love “made manifest among us”?

2. How do we know that God loves us? Where should we look to be reminded of this whenever we might doubt it?

3. How can the way we love one another bear witness to the Gospel?

4. What would it look like this Advent season for you to love others in ways that reflect the love that God has “made manifest among us”?

Stewards of the Mysteries of God 11/24/19

Pastor Josh wraps up our series on stewardship, preaching on 1 Corinthians 4:1-7


1. What are the implications of the identities (servant and steward) that Paul uses?

2. Why is the Gospel called the “mystery of God”? How can we be faithful stewards of it?

3. What might change in your life if you allowed v. 7 to shape the way you look at your life?

4. What practical steps can you take to be a better steward of this world? Of the relationships closest to you? Of your finances? Of the Gospel?

Well Done, Good & Faithful Servant 11/17/19

Pastor Josh continues our series on stewardship, preaching on Matthew 25:14-30.

1. What motivations did the servants display when entrusted with gifts from the master? How do those motivations show themselves in your own life?

2. What are the biggest challenges in your own life when it comes to generous giving?

3. How can you learn to cultivate a spirit of generous giving?

4. What would faithful financial stewardship look like in your own life? What concrete steps can you take to pursue that?

The Earth Has Been Given To The Children of Man 11/3/19

Pastor Josh begins our series on Stewardship with verses from Genesis


1. What things do you think of when you think of being a steward?
2. What is the implications of the belief that God created this world with order and intentionality?
3. What are the implications of the belief that God has given us this world to work, tend, and cultivate?
4. What are the implications of the belief that God will renew and restore creation in the end?

A Redeemer Will Come to Zion 10/27/19

Pastor Josh preaches on Isaiah 59:15-21

1. What things does Isaiah lament? Do you see those same things in our world?

2. What does this passage reveal about the actions of the LORD on behalf of his people? What timeless truths does it celebrate?

3. What were the central convictions of the Reformation, and why are they so significant still?

4. How can these Reformational convictions change the way you live and engage in this world?

What is the Reformation?

On October 31, 1517, the German monk Martin Luther posted 95 theses–propositions meant to be debated in an academic setting–on the door of the cathedral in Wittenberg. The theses were directed towards the moral and theological corruption that he saw within the Roman Catholic Church at that time. This marked the symbolic beginning of a movement that had been building for years and which came to be known as the Reformation.

The main convictions at the heart of the Reformation are often called the five solas (sola is the Latin word for “alone/only”). They are:

Scripture alone: The Bible is meant to be our final authority in terms of what we are to believe and how we are to live.

Grace alone: God extends mercy to us out of his freely given good will, and not because of anything we have done to deserve it.

Faith alone: We are justified–declared to be in the right–through our faith in Jesus Christ and not through our works.

Christ alone: Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Savior, and we cannot look to or pray to any others for our deliverance.

Glory to God alone: Because of these things, God is to receive our honor and praise in all things and we cannot boast in anything else.

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