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Striving After Wind 7/7/19

Pastor Josh begins his series on the book of Ecclesiastes this week with chapter 1:1-14

1. How should we engage the wisdom literature of Scripture, and what should we expect from it?

2. What does Solomon mean when he says, “all is vanity”? Is he overstating the case?

3. How have you experienced the feelings of chapter 2 in your own life?

4. Why is the Gospel the “new thing” that God has done that changes everything else?

Extravagance and Indignance 12/16/18

Pastor Josh preaches the third sermon in our Advent series on Matthew 26:6-13

1. What does the setting of this encounter with Jesus reveal to us about him and his mission?

2. What does Mary’s action toward Jesus show about her understanding of him?

3. What does the disciples’ reaction to Mary show about the state of their own hearts?

4. How does this response to Jesus help us journey through the Advent season in a more meaningful way?

A Word for the World 9/16/18

Pastor Josh preaches on Galatians 2:1-10

1. How have the results of Paul’s meeting in Jerusalem affected you personally?

2. What is the significance of God calling people to serve in different areas of his world?

3. Why must the good news of Jesus Christ never be separated from actions of mercy?

4. Where is God calling you to be his witness in this world?

Not Only In Word 4/15/18

Pastor Josh preaches on 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10. This marks the beginning of our series through 1 Thessalonians together.

Things to listen for and think about as you listen:

1.  How does the Gospel subversively fulfill the cultural convictions that you have?

2. What does it look like to enact and embody the virtues of faith, love, and hope in your own life?

3. Can you identify the idols from which you need to turn? What are they?

4. Why is active waiting the identifying mark of living in the already-but-not-yet? Do you pray for and encourage others in this pursuit?