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Month: August 2018

Tomorrow 8/19/18

Pastor Josh preaches on Proverbs 16:9

1. Why is it wise to seek godly advice and make intentional plans for the future?

2. Why must we be willing to hold those plans loosely?

3. What is the biggest difficulty for you when it comes to doing both of these things?

4. What wisdom have you gleaned from the book of Proverbs that can change the way you act and interact in this world?

Giving Our Good for the Common Good of the City 8/12/18

Rev. Dr. Rodger Woodworth preaches on Proverbs 11:10-11

1. What is meant by the “common good”?

2. In today’s culture why is it such a challenge to “disadvantage yourself for the advantage of others”.

3. Read Isaiah 65:25. What might the prophet’s foretaste of God’s coming Kingdom, the metaphor of the wolf and the lamb feeding together, look like today?

4. “We should not underestimate the significance of a small group of people who have a new vision of a just and gentle world. The quality of a culture may be changed when 2% of its people have a new vision.” (Robert Bella). Why are Christians not having more of an effect and influence on non Christians?


Working Wisdom 8/5/18

Pastor Josh preached on Proverbs  6:6-11:

1. Does the blunt assessment of work found in Proverbs surprise you? Why or why not?

2. What changes when we see work as a creational good instead of a necessary evil?

3. Why do business ethics receive so much attention in Proverbs?

4. How does a biblical understanding of vocation impact the way you approach the things that you do?