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Month: April 2019

For Us, Jesus Lives 4/28/19

Pastor Josh continues his sermons on “For Us” with scripture from Hebrews 7:23-27

1. How did the work of the Old Testament priests point ahead to the priestly work of Jesus?

2. How does Jesus “make intercession” for us?

3. Why can we rest in the finished and ongoing work of Jesus for us?

4. How does the truth that Jesus lived, died, was raised, and lives for us change the way that we worship and live?

For Us, Jesus Died 4/14/19

Pastor Josh preaches on 1 Peter 2:21-25

1. How is the idea of substitution related to the sacrifices of the Old Testament?

2. How did these sacrifices point ahead to the one true and sufficient sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

3. How does the death of Jesus Christ reveal the justice and mercy of God?

4. What do you find most comforting about the concept that Jesus died for us? What do you find most challenging about this?

For Us, Jesus Lived 04/07/19

Pastor Josh began our new sermon series with John 1:1-5.

1. Why must a righteous life be lived in order to receive the blessings of God?

2. Why must someone other than us live that life for us?

3. How can Jesus live this life in a way that no one else could?

4. What changes when we know that Jesus’ active obedience is credited to our account?