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Manifest 1/13/19

Pastor Josh begins our new sermon series on 1 John.

1. What does John’s introduction to this letter reveal?

2. Why is the earthly life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ at the heart of the Christian faith?

3. What happens when we dislodge our faith from the real actions of God in history and place it in our own personal feelings?

4. How does our fellowship with the Father impact our fellowship with one another?

Seek the Things That Are Above 1/6/19

Pastor Josh preaches on Colossians 3:1-4 this week. We begin a new sermon series next week!

1. What is the relationship between Advent and Ascension?

2. What does it mean to say that Jesus Christ is really absent and really present?

3. What implications of the Ascension had you never considered before?

4. How can you “seek the things that are above” in 2019 while also being fully engaged in this world?

One Thing for 2019

Elder Jeanne Griffith preaches on Luke 10:38-42



Every Eye Will See Him 12/24/18

Pastor Josh preaches on Christmas Eve.

My Lord and My God 12/23/18

Pastor Josh finishes our Advent series, preaching on John 20:24-29

1. What is the link between the Incarnation and the Resurrection–and why is the Resurrection so important?

2. What claims of the Gospel do you find most difficult to believe? Why?

3. What does Thomas’s response to Jesus reveal?

4. How have the various encounters with Jesus that we’ve explored impacted your journey through the Advent season?

Come and See 12/09/18

Pastor Josh continues our Advent sermon series, preaching out of John 1.

1. John calls Jesus “the Lamb of God”, Andrew calls him “the Messiah”, and Nathanael calls him “the Son of God” and “the King of Israel”. What do all these reveal to us about Jesus?

2. What do the responses represented (John, Andrew, Philip, and Nathanael) show us about the results of encountering Jesus?

3. Why is the way in which Jesus describes himself v. 51 so significant?

4. How can these responses to the Redeemer shape your Advent season?

Behold, the Lamb of God – Christmas Eve Ahead of Time 12/8/18

Pastor Josh preaches on advent scriptures for our Christmas Eve Ahead of Time Service.



My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation 12/2/18

Pastor Josh preaches on Luke 2:21-38 for the first week of Advent.

1. What are the things that often prevent us from seeing Jesus for who he really is?

2. What does Simeon’s response to the Redeemer teach us?

3. What does Anna’s response to the Redeemer teach us?

4. How does this portrait of Jesus change the way you approach this Advent season?

The Only Thing That Counts 11/25/18

Pastor Josh finished our series on Galatians this Sunday. Next week we will begin our Advent Series.

1. What are some of the outward appearances that we assume indicate spiritual maturity?

2. What does it mean to boast in “the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ”?

3. What does Paul mean by “the new creation”, and why is that the thing that counts more than anything else?

4. How has the Letter to the Galatians helped you gain a more explicit understanding of the content and consequences of the gospel?

Let Us Not Grow Weary Of Doing Good 11/18/18

Pastor Josh continues our series in Galatians.

1. What the most common errors we make when we see someone “caught in any transgression”? How can we avoid those?

2. What are some ways that you can help to bear the burdens of others this week? (And how can others help you?)

3. Why do we often “grow weary of doing good”? How can we persevere in this?

4. Why is the balance of verse 10 an important thing to maintain?

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