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Month: August 2019

Hold Fast To What Is Good 8/25/19

Pastor Josh preaches on Romans as we kick off our ministry year!


1. How is your own identity transformed by Jesus Christ?

2. How is our community identity transformed by Jesus Christ?

3. Why are the characteristics described in this passage not always present in our lives?

4. What are some specific ways that you can pursue these characteristics in your own life this week?

The End of The Matter 8/18/19

Pastor Josh finishes up our series on Ecclesiastes.


1. How do the Preacher’s concluding reflections help to reorient our perspective on life?

2. What is the significance of the expression, “[the words of the wise] are given by one Shepherd”? To whom does this refer and why?

3. How does the Preacher’s understanding of “the whole duty of man” differ from what we are told by the world?

4. How has the book of Ecclesiastes impacted your understanding of life and the way in which we are to engage the world around us?

Wisdom Is Better Than Might 8/4/19

Pastor Josh preaches on Ecclesiastes 9:11-18

1. Why is wisdom so often neglected or disdained?

2. How does the wisdom of God compare to the wisdom of the world?

3. In what ways does the Gospel subvert our expectations or experiences of wisdom?

4. How might this perspective change the way you go about your week?