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Bellefield is excited to begin rolling out a new way to communicate, give, connect, and stay up to date with the community. Realm & Realm Connect (Mobile) are going to help you stay informed by tracking contributions, receiving emails, group messages, registering for events, and more.

We are encouraging all Bellefielders to sign up for their Realm Account today! You’ll set your own log in and password and begin to explore some of the features.

Once logged in here are some features to check out:

  • Verify your contact information: This information transferred over from our previous software program and so please verify that we have correct information. Click your name in the upper right hand corner. Then click “My Profile”. Please verify that your birthdate and contact info are correct; you can change anything that it incorrect by clicking “Edit Profile.” Remember to click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Explore Giving: Click “Giving” on the left side of the screen. Look at the listing here of your past gifts and current pledge. You can click the blue +Give button to set up new online gifts. When it’s time to make a pledge for the new year, click on the grey +Pledge button to make your new pledge.
  • Manage your privacy settings: Realm has a default setting that allows only the Groups that you are in + the Groups Leaders + Staff to see your contact info. If you want to be included in the online directory, you need to change the Privacy Settings to “Everyone in Our Church.” Click the arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner. Then click “Manage Privacy” to update this.

Realm Tutorials & Instructions

Create your Login:

  • Click on Register Now
  • Use the email that you have given the church for communications
  • Follow the prompts to create your password
  • Realm will send you an email with instructions for activating your account

Using the product:

  • Sign in via a web browser
  • Download the Realm Connect Application for Android or iPhone

For more detailed instructions click here