We are committed to helping you GROW in your relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other.

There are a number of ways this kind of spiritual growth can happen, and our hope is that you can join us on this journey!
Here are the main ways we go about this together:

Read the Bible with us:

The heart of our adult discipleship ministry this year is to prayerfully walk together through the Bible. We have a plan and have put together guides, podcasts, and classes to help us on our way. With only 15 minutes a day, Monday through Saturday, we will finish the entire Bible together in a little more than a year. We are excited by this opportunity to be united as a church reading, praying over, and being shaped by the same Scriptures daily.

Can’t find even 15 minutes a day to read? We’ve made 15-minute daily audio podcasts that read the daily guide and Bible to you during your commute.

New! Our new audio devotions podcasts are now available at DevoCast.com! Get yours now!

Podcasts & Daily Bible Reading Guides

Come to Sunday Classes:

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Join a Small Group at Bellefield:

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Check out our Women’s & Men’s Ministries:

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