“Who am I?”  This is an honest question that college students often ask themselves.  Everything you once identified with is now gone, and you may no longer be sure of who you are or what you believe.  Your identity is in question. After this realization, you may go on a path of self-discovery to decipher who you are.  Some might look to others or school to identify them: anything that would make them feel worth.

We at Cornerstone believe that Christ is our true identifier.  This is something that we wish for every college student to know.
When Christ looks at you, he says, “Mine.”  You are His.

Cornerstone is an interdenominational Christian fellowship for students, and is a ministry of Bellefield Presbyterian Church in partnership with the Coalition for Christian Outreach.  It is an opportunity to connect with God and others through various Bible Studies and our large group fellowship. It is a safe place for those who have been a Christian their whole life, or those who know nothing about Christianity, to ask more of these honest questions and grow in their faith.

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