Each Sunday at 9:45am we meet to equip you to worship God more deeply through prayer and Scripture.

Every spiritual growth hour class begins together in the Fellowship Hall.
During this time, everyone from kindergarteners through adults comes together for a time of intergenerational prayer and encouragement.

While all are welcome to attend these classes, they are primarily intended for high-school age and older.
is the information for our children’s program

The first Sunday of each month we all gather together for a potluck breakfast and a time to share in food and conversation

1: Christian Basics

Join us as we look at the basics of the Christian faith: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration and the Apostles’ creed.  We will be looking at the Scriptures each week as we consider these basic teachings. This class meets from September to December.

This opportunity is geared toward Christians who are younger in the faith.

Teacher: Jeanne Griffith

2: Reading the Bible for All Its Worth

This course is built around the book How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.  You’ll learn the basic timeline and geography of the Bible, study the unique aspects of each Biblical genre, and explore the amazing storylines that are packed in this amazing book.   My hope is that you’ll grow in both desire for, and understanding of, God’s Word.

We’ll follow a nine month September-to-May track, but you’re welcome to join in any Sunday.

Teacher: Dave Moore

3: Talking Torah: Spirituals, Scorsese, and Sabbath

This all-ages course is designed to help equip and encourage us all as we journey together through the Bible. Reading through the Bible is so much better when we share our experience together. So, we’ll look at the Bible’s stories as literature and try to make the boring bits more engaging and understandable. Along the way, we’ll find points of contact between what we’re reading in the Bible and what we’re getting out of movies, books, and music. We’ll discuss everything from what Martin Scorsese’s 2016 movie Silence has to say about Leviticus to what African-American spirituals tell us about Exodus. The format of this course is “flipped.” Readings happen before class so that group discussions and brief presentations can happen during class. The website for the class is http://christianeducation.church/bellefield2

Teacher: Matt Carter, leading an intergenerational teaching team